Formed her team and earn money

 Depending on product sales team can establish yourself with Ersağ organization or again by providing employment opportunities for people like you that is able to form their own team by including them in their work team.

 *Marketing product marketing ability, or if you do not want to make gains in this way can be very serious.

 *33% of your team share of the sales profits are up to.

 *So, rather than selling the product, including the product for you and your team who can make sales you will receive a share of their achievements that you will receive it without touching the profits of the person's share of this profit.

 *I have included your team mates when you find people and their team to go places to start a career in this way means that your team grows.

 *In this way, your team will be formed, and continually increase your earnings.

 *This method amounts monthly income can be much more than 2000 or

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